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Creative Art Classes for All Ages!!


At Atelier: Creative Art studio, our main mission is to offer a meaningful and thoughtful art program in which students are free to express their ideas, feelings, and values through the creation of artwork using different media, styles, and forms of expression with an emphasis on visual art skills. Moreover, the creative environment and enriched program that we provide stimulate creativity where students will discover their own uniqueness and individuality.

  • Promote creativity
  • Encourage expressing their own ideas and thoughts
  • Help the child grow physically, emotionally, socially, perceptually, and cognitively
  • Enhance their perceptual, sensory, and kinesthetic experiences
  • Utilize various materials to further develop the experience of touch and feel
  • Encourage self-reflection and responding to the art of others

" You will be surprised to see what your child can do here

at Atelier Creative Art Studio."

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