LEVEL 1: Art Explorers
(approx Ages 6 ~ 8 yrs old)

  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hrs class per week
  • Students explore various art mediums hands on through the Atelier Creative Art lesson plan
  • Students learn about art history and master’s art work through step by step progression guidance
  • Students are encouraged to use their imagination and creative thinking to open and discover their art spirit
  • Students have the opportunity to learn how to compose their own stories and ideas onto paper.
  • The focus is to simulate Creative Thinking and Visualize it.

LEVEL 2: skill & Technique
(approx Ages 8 ~ 9 yrs old)

  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hrs class per week
  • Students receive instruction that challenges and progresses their artistic skill with the objective to fine tune their artistic talent
  • Students will learn new mediums and enhance their level.
  • The focus is on: Drawing and Watercolor

LEVEL 2.5: Intermediate A
(approx Ages 9 yrs old and Up)

  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hrs class per week
  • Students will learn specific mediums and enhance their level in important skills and techniques
  • Students receive instruction that challenges them and establishes a foundation needed to learn the more advanced techniques in the upcoming levels
  • The focus is on: Charcoal Drawing and Painting

LEVEL 2: Young Artist
(approx Ages 10 ~ 12 yrs old)

  • Class Duration: 2 Hrs class per week
  • Students learn Art Elements and Design Principles through art history and contemporary art.
  • Students practice art forms like Still-life, Landscape, Portrait, Animal, and Character Design.
  • Students are introduced to various medium to develop a strong foundation of artistic skills.

LEVEL 2.5: Teen & Adult
(approx Ages 13 yrs old and Up)

  • Class Duration: 2 Hrs class per week
  • Students try and challenges in various Art Styles.
  • Students will learn various art styles from art history, and enhance their level by finding and developing their own style.
  • The focus is on: Drawing, Watercolor, and Acrylic Painting in various Art Styles.

LEVEL 3: Intermediate B

  • Class Duration: 2 Hrs class per week
  • Students will develop specific techniques for drawing and painting
  • The focus is on: Realistic Drawing and Painting (advanced techniques).
  • LEVEL 3: Pre Advanced

  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hr/2 classes per week

LEVEL 4: Advanced

  • Class Duration: 3 Hrs class per week
  • Students will be challenged to further their capability with each medium
  • Recommended for students who wish to advance their level and delve deeper into Visual Fine Art
  • The focus is on: Colored Pencil and Oil Painting.

LEVEL 4: Pre-Portfolio

  • Personalized Mentorship
  • At least one-year commitment is required (an annual pre-portfolio fee is included 4th week of December tuition)
  • Tuition is $450 every 4 weeks/16 hrs. (followed by the studio calendar)
  • The registration fee is $100
  • For students who want to improve skills faster, enhance mixed media, and make original (personal) conceptual art
  • Students will receive priority on art events and activities. (Participation fees are included in the annual portfolio membership)
  • Day and time of classes will be tailored to students
  • When the student takes a break, then re-enrolls in Pre-Portfolio, the student has to re-register into the program

LEVEL 5: Portfolio

  • For students who wish to create a Portfolio for:
    • AP Art
    • OCSA
    • Private School
    • Supplementary Material
    • Boarding School
    • Preparation for College
    • etc
  • Lessons designed according to portfolio requirements, goals, and/or audition.
  • The Portfolio registration fee starts at $200 (depends on the type of portfolio)
  • Art pieces will complete by the portfolio requirement and due date
  • Inquire regarding tuition & Portfolio member benefit program details

Limited space available: