“Hands On” Artisans Class: For ages 5 ~ 6 yrs old

  • Students are encouraged to touch and feel diverse mediums while exploring the world of color, shape, texture, and more.
  • The students have the opportunity to learn about master artists, art elements, and design, and create art that is inspired by stories.
  • The focus is on developing small motor skills by using various art materials.

Art Explorers Class: For ages 6 ~ 9 yrs old (approx. ages)

  • Students use imagination and creative thinking to open and expand the art spirit through art studio experience.
  • Students explore various art materials through the hands-on art medium.
  • Students learn about art history and master’s art work through step by step progression guidance.
  • The focus is on creative thinking and visualizing their idea.

Intermediate Class

  • Students receive instruction that challenges and progresses their artistic skill with the objective to fine tune their artistic talent.
  • The focus is on drawing skills and each medium’s techniques.
  • Available in 2 levels:
    Intermediate I
    Intermediate II

Young Artists Class: For ages 10~12 yrs old (approx. ages)

  • Students receive extensive instruction on each medium to develop a strong foundation of artistic skills.
  • Students learn about Art Elements and Design Principle through various materials and a special lesson plan to apply the Concept.
  • Focus is on Composition, Color theory, Drawing skill and Tonal value study.

Teen’s Art Class and Adult Class

  • Student will learn various art styles from art history and develop/find their own style.
  • Student can also bring their own project.
  • Focus is on Design principle in Art Style.

Advanced Art Class 

  • Recommended for students who wish to advance a level and delve deeper into Visual Fine Art.
  • The focus is on perceptive drawing, building forms, tone-up/shading skills with the pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and oil.
  • Available in 3 levels:
    Advanced Art I
    Advanced Art II
    Advanced Art III

Portfolio Class

  • Students receive instruction focused on developing a well-designed portfolio for admission applications.
  • Each lesson is designed to help achieve the personal goal and customized lesson plans.
  • The focus is on coordinating portfolio, auditions, exhibitions, contests, and publications.
  • Available in 3 levels.

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